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Logo Design

Logo design requires an imaginative graphic design service utilizing suggestive imagery through the visual presentation of words, symbols, colors, and shapes. It creates a more professional image, regardless of company size, and increases consumer awareness of your products and services.

Some of the most successful brand names such as Nike, Coca Cola and McDonalds are ingrained in our minds by the presence of their logos; the Nike "swoosh", the silver ribbon band and hour glass bottle for Coke and the twin arches of the McDonalds "M". We instantly recognize such memorable logos.

Let us learn something from the big boys. If they use logos for their image branding, we should too. If you currently do not have a logo to fit your company needs we are able to assist you in designing a well designed professional logo. Or if the logo you have isn't doing it's job then just maybe it is time for a performance review.

Our Logo Design Process:

Design Development: We explore visual solutions that are compatible with the target audience, and create a high impact design. We determine what technologies best suit your design goals.

Professional Logos: Your logo will be designed by designers with years of experience in the print and web industry. This is to ensure the quality standard of your domain logo is at the best! The main copy of the logo will be uncompressed GIF for internet purposes and TIF format for print.

Print and Internet : Your logo is designed for use on the internet and on print media, such as business cards and letterhead. Many logo designers will create art that can only be used for a website. We do both.